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"I come from a prominent civil rights family that has been involved with the Dayton community for over 50 years. I am here to push progression forward. We need to close the technology gaps faced by our students. We also need to improve working conditions for our staff and work better with our parents/care givers. I have the time, energy, education, and experience to get things done!"
Innovation & Technology

The global pandemic magnified our students' gaps in technology. To fill those gaps, we have to continue to use technology in the classroom. It is up to us to ensure our students are competitive with their peers. It is also up to the districts to provide professional development to train our employees on different devices.

Outside of the classroom, we need to provide access to extracurricular activities. Students and staff need updated tools and training on how to utilize the tools. Our students have untapped talent that we should be eager to nurture. 

Improving Community & School Relationships

The Dayton community is filled with programs that impact Dayton Public Schools pupils outside of the classroom. It is time to connect both academic support programs and activities to our schools! I am excited to be able to work with community lead organizations to fill in education, social engagement, performing arts, technology, athletics, and other extracurricular activity gaps. The growth of a pupil is community effort.

Improving Work Life balance for staff

My coaches use to often say, "A team is only as good as its weakest player." As a working professional, I understand that underperforming coworkers typically are also unhappy or undervalued workers. There are several factors that employers can control to increase an employee's job satisfaction. Increasing job satisfaction will lead to lower turnovers in our district as well as higher engagement for our students. 

I will work to improve operational processes at all levels, provide adequate resources to teachers, coaches, and school clubs. I want to place Dayton Public School employees in a position to succeed at every level. 

I will always maintain an open line of communication for every Dayton Public School employee. 

Investing in After School Programs & Sports

After school programs and sports played a major role in my social development and success as a person. I am excited to lead the charge to ensure our students have better opportunities, as the district move forwards!

I am ready to work with teachers, professional staff members, and community members/organizations to breathe new life into our after-school options and sports programs.

It is up to us to expose students to life outside of the classroom!