Hi, I'm Chrisondra

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A Brief History on Me!

I am Chrisondra Goodwine, and I am a proud resident of West Dayton! I am one of the few candidates that attended and graduated from a Dayton Public School (DPS)  at every level.  


​Let me share my DPS school history:

  • Allen Traditional Academy (Griffins) c/o 1998

  • Fairview Middle School (Bulldogs - Cluster 7B & 8A) c/o 2001

  • Colonel White for the Performing Arts (C-DUB Cougars) c/o 2004


​I chose to extend my educational experience by attending and graduating from a public university, the University of Akron (BA, 2009). My first post-college job was as a Reserve Teacher for the DPS district. I had the opportunity to teach at Thurgood Marshall and Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School. I also served as an assistant softball coach for Thurgood. I learned the ins and outs regarding staff treatment, classroom resources, resources provided for activities, and the politics surrounding education. Needless to say, I realized that a lot of the problems faced by district employees are similar to problems encountered in other professions. The difference in education is that children's academics  and social development are jeopardized when adults forget that children's growth is the center of our positions. As a Reserve Teacher, I never felt a part of the DPS family. It could have been due to the inconsistent work schedules, the lack of benefits, or the fact that Reserve Teachers didn't get cool team spirit shirts since we didn't belong to a school. The result was accepting that the district saw Reserve Teachers as temporary help. That's a challenging position to be in as a member of the workforce. Since my position wasn't a part of the team, there were very few opportunities to help enhance the work culture. I have always focused on finding solutions rather than solely discussing the problem. After the 2010-2011 school year, I decided to take my talents to the University of Dayton School of Law (UD).


​Law school changed my viewpoint on life completely! UD provided me with an opportunity to combine my natural, curious mind with an analytical style that has allowed me to resolve issues for many people. Upon graduation in 2014, I ventured into corporate America. It was a life that leads to endless roles of gray cubicles. It was not the life for me.

Fortunately, God smiled down on me. In 2017, I was granted the opportunity to work with Katy Crosby (one of the leading Black women in local government) under the City Commission at the Human Relations Council. Ms. Crosby took a chance on me. She saw protentional and provided me with the opportunity to excel. And I did! Ms. Crosby challenged and allowed me to grow into an exceptional professional. Since I worked on the small business team, I believed it was essential to couple practical experience with an educational framework. In 2019, I completed my Master of Business Administration from Capella.


​Working in both the Private and Public Sectors has provided me with a unique experience needed on the Dayton Public School Board. Our school board members need to be able to ask simple questions (e.g., In 2021, why don't all of our schools and buses have air conditioning?) and get answers. I hope that my candidacy will break down barriers of communication between staff and the board and between the community and the board.

​I am running for Dayton Public School Board because of the following:

  • I am an example of how many doors can be opened by education.

  • I have been a student and an educator.

  • I believe parents need a voice and need ears that listen to their voices.

  • I understand that employees perform better when they feel valued.

  • I know that extracurricular activities (band, sports, clubs, etc.) are as crucial as classroom time.

  • I accept that community and nonprofit organizations help fill in the gaps for students. 


My family and teachers invested time, energy, and resources into my development as a person.  I am ready to provide a return on their investment by doing my part to move our district forward.

I am looking forward to working with teachers, administrators, operational staff, parents/caretakers, students, and community organizations to lift our district.

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